This Feels Like God

This Feels Like God

Each raindrop falling on leaves
that gives me so much peace
and with the sun shining down on me
a light that makes me see
the hand of God.
A gentle gigle 
floating in the breeze
that gets entagled with the trees
reminds me of the innocence
of one who believes
in the promises of miracles.
A gentle flowing stream
that carries the wonders of life
that washes over me 
and sets me free
to grow, swell and just be free.
In a truh that never cease
For truth God holds the keys
and so because this truth I know
I say, "Yes Lord I agree".

Two Elephants Fought

Two Elephants Fought

Two Elephants fought,
and there was inconsolable weeping
because they brought nought
but senseless destruction and bleeding.

Two politican made a bet,
each from the comfort of their cars
how many citizens will welcome death
to make them their luminous star.

Two enemies tampled underfoot,
the gentle blades of grass,
the grass rooted helplessly looked
as hastily their futures scurried pass.

Two goliath drew their sword,
in a worldly display of power
they each declared themselves lord
but mercilessly shreded the gentle flowers.

Two sycophants stood at court,
before the people
looking for their support
but their words were poison and lethal.

The weak though many,
are the ones who get hurt
the ones whose loads are heavy
loads which stomps them slowly in the dirt.

Where You Want to Go

Where You Want to Go

Look where you want to go
not at the distractions,
for the world has many
that trips you up
takes you down
 over the precipice,
because you fixed your mind on them.
Look ahead!
do not be led
into certain danger.
For it is easy
to lose sight of your Source
of light and life.
Where you want to go?
Fix your eyes there!
Not the glittery show
of nothingness.
 you have the vision
to see your true mission,
look there
and only there,
and you will stay on the road
that will lead to your overflow.

You Are Not My Enemy

You Are Not My Enemy

I see you bleeding
just like me
In anguish you scream!
Just like me.
You too have dreams
like me too.
I see you
in me
and me in you.
You are not my enemy
and that is the key
to restoring your humanity
in me.
The Darkness
would have it not so
it gives strive, hate and pain
creates a wall
and locks us into unbroken
But I see you
and know this to be true
You are not my enemy.
Me and you, me and you?
Our love can be heavenly. 

Be Yeast

Be Yeast

Be yeast
make things grow
expand and reach
all the dreams just out of reach.
Be yeast
by the lifeless nature
of a dough life.
Be yeast
to go everywhere
and grow whereever laid
to conquer.
Be yeast
and feast on the challenge
of beating the impossible odds.
Be yeast
and emerge
small and alert
into your mighty self
to make your mark on the earth.



Unforgiveness is a poison
it eats at the soul.
When it is finsihed with it
like acid it corrodes the spirit
it tears at your peace
and leaves its victim destitute.
It takes away your joy
and it will destroy
your choice to truly live.
It will lead you to demand
until you are demented.
With it
you can only pick
the unsavoury fruit of bitterness
that drops to the ground and become
an untamed entangled web of a deathly forest.

A True Leader

A True Leader

There are many great minds
There are many great names
edged on many a graves.
Yet many were leaders
and many are coming on the quick.

Many strive to control
with a big beating stick
instead of a kind word
to defuse a situaion.

We must be right
in everyone's sight
and so we ignore
and close the door 
on the truth.

But is anyone really willing to listen
anyone willing to truly lead?
Anyone willing to provide the water
that will wash your students' feet