Imagine uma nova historia para sua vida e acredite nela

Paulo Coelho

Can you feel the cool


of something new and fresh?

Can you feel something flick and

flutter gently across your skin?

feel the essence of which you have always been

as it wraps around you

hold you

comfort you

heal you

Stretch so high and so wide

beyond all and every limitations.

Open your eyes wide to the truth.

To the reality that can construct

and just be true

to you.

Now stand.

Firmly in the knowledge of your own power.

To change the story that has been written

by someone else for someone else

who could never carry all of you.

Because you cannot be contained.


Grab that thread that

will take you to where you should have always


Hold it tightly.

Absorb its energy.

And make it real

so it can never die.

Say When!

Sometimes your only available means of transportation is a leap of faith

Margaret Shepard

We all have places we need to be, want to be and would like to be. However, many of us never get to where it is we ought to be. Why is that? Have you ever wondered?

A few of us may try to answer this by saying that we picked up responsibilities we did not plan for along the way, or, responsibilities picked us up when we weren’t careful enough!

Whatever your likely answer, the point is that we are still waiting for the ticket to be made that will secure a smooth journey. Guess what? Any ticket we see floating pass us will never be the right one.

All the answers that we come up with are just excuses. They help us to feel better when we allow fear to control us.

“Oh its not because I am afraid, it’s because the time is not right!” So… who are you trying to fool?

Guess what again?

The time will never be right. There is no perfect time to make your move.

In the words of Luvvie Ajayi, “get comfortable with being uncomfortable“. And sometimes that means stepping out into the unknown. A thought that is absolutely, positively terrifying. But guess what?

It is absolutely necessary, for real change to take place.

So, as the new year starts getting old. Yes old. And so do you; one year older. Are you willing to take that leap of faith? Are you willing to step on that bridge that seems about to collapse and start that change?

Though you may have many false starts, (I definitely know what I am talking about here), never let that cripple your momentum. Never let fear contain and disable you. Never wait on any person to tell you when.

I Carved Myself

I carved myself today….


The old rotting wood?

Termites everywhere?


These chinks now have new chinks to play with.

I made the nose myself

love it!

The Hair…

It was hard to control.

But I love it!


The hips got too wide.

I smiled.

The legs as thick as a tree trunk.

But they fit.

There was some drooping here and there

but I used some sticks to the keep them afloat.

What do you know?

It worked!

There is a crooked spot… but it will get the job done.

But the shoulders were broad broad

To take on the whole world… if necessary.

Hopefully not.

The lips thick enough to voice all displeasure

Gentle enough to smile and laugh

in the face of all opposition to my beauty, intelligence. my strength of conviction.

The hands were enough

to fling you out the way

if I must.

Gentle but Knowledgeable enough to heal.

Feet big enough to walk any path taken.

It was tall enough to overlook your limited vision

of me.

It was firm enough to survive any attack.

Today I carved myself…

It will live forever…

Ready for Growth

Change can be a challenging concept; especially when you don’t know what the he** you are doing! Fear is the worst defense you can make, when you thought someone else would have made things easier for you by clearing a path that you can see into eternity and beyond.

There is a poem that I wrote ten years ago (Yeah… digest that fact) I recently found it, and I believe it is very relevant when we think about personal growth. I will insert it here:

Malum discordiea

  Media Vita in Morte Sumus

Lily had been in that garden,

Where the waters flowed endlessly…

Where the green grandeur of the vegetation,

Soothed the mind and soul.

Then one day, without warning,

She jumped on a rickety rollicking raft,

Along with the slimy traitor;

Who’s eyes hypnotized and blinded.

Lily felt so nice going down on that raft-

The wind in her hair,

As the resplendent beauty of what she was leaving behind, swirled by;

Leaving her dizzy with joy.

The ride ended though, in a whirlpool of decay.

The traitor has been ordered to crawl always,


And Lily,

For her crime,

Has been sentenced to everlasting misery….

Malum discordiae= Latin for “apple of discord”

Media vita in morte sumus=Latin for “in the mist of our lives we die”

My reaction to this poem after so many years: how depressing! And trust me it is depressing, if that is all you focus on. There are some good lessons to take from this also.

Lilly was a novice who obviously was not prepared for all the world had to offer. Good and definitely bad.

But if Lily truly had a vision of what she wanted to accomplish. If she truly understood who she was and her purpose, things would have turned out differently.

She obviously had no fear of charting her own course. Of taking a risk especially when things seemed questionable. And sometimes we need to say, enough is enough, and move forward with courage.

But while we get ready to do so, we must remember that what we leave behind has helped to shape us and not everything we encounter will be for us. Unlike Lily we need to make sure that we hold the reigns firmly on this new path, that we understand that we need to look for the right sign posts to get to where we ought to be.

Lily’s only crime here, is that she was not been adequately prepared for the journey. She had nothing. Especially not her common sense. Her hair blew with the wind but she did not bend with it. And so we know that Lily did not make it.

Let’s hope that as we grow and evolve because life changes; we can bend with the wind when we have to do so. We can remember that even evolving is a process that takes time, not a quick sprint…

The Cliche

I woke


I eat

take a bath

get ready for work.

I work


I work long


a little


a little


a little.

I am a walking, talking, breathing cliche.

I fold my clothes just so

no more.

I turn to get the perfect light.

I wear my clothes

straight from the runway

in my closet.

created by designers

with an electrotype agenda.

You can’t spot me in the crowd.

I am the crowd.

My body must be this big.

No more.

My voice should not carry

beyond my throat.

It’s better to suffocate than embarrass.

I was presented with a canvas the other day

had no idea what to do with it

there was no manual.

I threw it away

picked up a book

made me so wise.

It said,

‘Live your best life’

‘You can do it!’

so I hopped on the bus to get there faster.

But when the bus reached its destination

I did not see my ‘best life’

I still did not know what I could do.

Had it been the wrong bus?

How did we Get Here?: The Unconventional Route 2

Say… Wortley!?

Look carefully at the picture. We are all smiling – mostly. It’s a beautiful picture. However apart from the opportunities for photo ops we were left with much more than memories of our trip. There were so many lessons that we learned that day. At first it seemed such a simple, uneventful journey into Kingston. But nothing is ever simple; the trip became a gift that will keep on giving.

A cup of laughter anyone?.

Many of us faced the reality of our own fragility and took comfort in our, ‘ordinariness’; yes I just made that up. I say ordinary because if we take an objective look at ourselves, we may feel that there is nothing really outstanding about our lives, our features, our mannerism and our accomplishments. when we compare this with the residents of the homes we visited we realize that being ordinary can be the right remedy for us to maintain some measure of sanity in a crazy world. Many of us were apprehensive about our reception, but once we started interacting with the residents, the mood lightened. The awkwardness was eventual replaced by laughter, giggles, clapping and a generally festive mood.

All gifts on board!

But to understand the investment of those involved, we have to reflect on all the hard work done by, those teachers involved, students and the Guidance counselors; the end product was surely worth all the planning and phone calls made. There was the conventional and unconventional photo shoot locations for the calendar package organised by the Red Cross Society , the relentless food and clothes drive by the Peer Counsellors. Even the humble donations of toiletries that we do not give a second thought to led by the Lay Chaplain; those basic things that seem to always be there when we need them, mattered. Just go to the supermarket, the shop down the road, round the corner. Always available. Until they are not.

But we never think about losing any of what we have. Not until we are about to lose them – if we see it coming. But usually, not until they have already gone. It wasn’t that the tables on which the offerings were displayed, were buckling under the weight of the gifts. It was that persons had taken the time to carefully and lovingly display all they had collected. It was an impressive display of the most ordinary things, carefully packaged afterward for distribution. For many of us they would seem to be ordinary gifts, nothing special. But those gifts gave us a reason to appreciate the ordinary things that we take for granted. They made it possible for us to learn from some extraordinary people, who just lived their purpose; both those who care for the children and the disabled and those who have the chance to receive the kind of care that is their right, against all odds.

That’s a wrap! Yes very cheesy!

As we left The Potters House, which was our final stop, there were discussions of making next year even bigger and better, invites to come on board and a deep sense of humility in being given the opportunity, to be in the presence of treasures we often overlook . We had a purpose. This journey had to continue.

The Unconventional Route

For many, the Christmas season is a busy period, filled with never ending trips to shops and stores; to and fro. It’s a marathon of spending sprees, on trinkets that do not last beyond the season and food that only settle at the waist line come January morning. This year because I am lazy and because I really do not feel very ‘christmassy”, I have decided to boycott the rush and bustle of the season. I am keeping a low profile!

Instead I decided to join the St. Jago High School Red Cross and Peer Counselors, as they visited two homes: The Wortley Home for Girls and The Mustard Seed Communities, both in Kingston.

It was hoped that this first sojourn into uncharted territory, would be a rewarding and humbling experience . And it was.

As a group, I believe we left appreciating how to enjoy a sense of togetherness and tolerance. How to take self out of the picture and to replace it with the comfort and happiness of others. Also, how to be grateful for simple things we take for granted. The freedom to move, think and act independently. And how a simple smile, off-key tune or poorly executed dance move, can bring immeasurable joy to those who have learned to be content with what we would consider very little.

The unconventional route always takes you to unexpectedly profound spaces, beyond our limited worlds.