How to defeat bad habits? When procrastination is your best friend and negative talk has been your only support for so long, how do you have a reversal of fortunes?

I am sure that asking the questions are easier than answering them. It is normal to seek inspiration and the motivation to do great things from outside. From those who have overcome obstacles that seemed impossible to overcome. However, does it really matter if we are inspired by others or from within? I once heard an actor say he was never inspired by another actor. So how and why did he become one? Well there are specific things that each of us want to accomplish or would like to achieve, should we wait on someone to come along and inspire us to take the plunge and pursue what we want to pursue?

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I have come to realize that it is easy to become swept away by the expectations of others and end up going in circles. If everyone was to do everything and make all their decisions based on what they thought others expected then most dreams would die a swift death. The greatest blockage to our success in any area of life, can be our unwillingness to make the tough decisions, because we don’t want to offend or disappoint anyone.

However, maybe it is time to make those decisions and forget about being a disappointment. Maybe, just maybe, it’s okay to be inspired from within and not from anyone. Maybe it’s okay not to have fantastic heroes that are goals, but a quiet confidence about what lies within.

Maybe we should not aim to inspire anyone but just be real, and that means being willing to show the strengths and vulnerability as they naturally occur.

Ya Don’t Belong.

Well, this may seem a bit harsh but, listen to me for a minute.

We all want to belong somewhere to represent something and to realize that we have a community we belong to. All very human and hence very natural. However, as the picture above shows, just because you fit doesn’t mean you belong.

That image is genius for the simple reason that sometimes when we pray we pray to fit somewhere and not to belong there. Now we may not have thought before about the difference but it’s very important.

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Now common sense says when you fit it means you want to be there you have inserted yourself in the mix but no one else may want you there except you. Imagine that situation – well most of us can because we have tried or are trying to fit in – you struggle all your life to be accepted somewhere where all you have experienced is a struggle and not triumph.

Now to belong, the word even sounds so right, so warm and inviting, is something different. To belong means that you want to be there and you are wanted there. In such a situation others will uplift you, support and guide you in the right way. There is no need to struggle because you are with people, whose support you fully have.

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But guess what? We don’t need to fit in, because fitting in a choice that we make. We don’t need to do what everyone is doing or chasing the same dream. We don’t need to panic because we have reached a “milestone” and don’t have everything nicely figured out. We can throw away the goal post all together instead of just moving it! We certainly don’t need to chase anyone down to be seen; that leads to burn out. Plus, it means that you will never go beyond a certain point because you have limited yourself in a space you never belonged in the first place.

Instead, do what makes you happy, it’s hard for many but all we can do is work at it. Also it helps to be around people who you have things in common with, this too is hard for some, but again, not impossible. So, there is a running theme here, if you want to belong you have to step outside that comfort box and do the mileage.

I’m sure that if we really want to feel comfortable in our skin and experience some of that sublime joy that belonging brings. the work won’t seem hard at all. There is a quote that I wan leave you with a mind-blowing, earth-shattering quote:


Take It Easy.

Some of us would take our time, if we knew that we are rushing to our deaths

― Mokokoma Mokhonoana
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“Thank God it’s Friday”, never sounded as sweet as it does, when you’ve had a trying week.

So it’s important to remember to take things easy. At the end of the day we really can only do so much and no more. It’s amazing how terrible something appears to be until we are on the other side looking back at what was. Nothing seems as bad as it was when it’s over, and even for one perfect moment, there is a sense that there are no impossibilities.

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Great, we have survived the week and we now feel invincible and we deserve to take the time to recuperate and seek a quiet moment to get ready for things yet to come. It really makes no sense to carry on with things that we realize are a burden to us. Instead, what we need to do is to let go of some of the baggage we struggled with this week. It’s okay to let go of missed opportunities and unrealistic dreams. It’s okay to grow a little older, because with it comes a little more wisdom. This is the wisdom to make choices that will enrich our live.

Also, while we are at it, let’s release all bad vibrations into the atmosphere and collect to ourselves, positive wholesome energy. After all, each day, week, month and year is another opportunity to finally attain your inner peace.

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Seeing the Light

It feels sometimes like life is one long sentence that seems to carry no full stop.
You then begin to wonder
at the wisdom of some of your choices
just when you're ready to stop,
you hear a voice telling you,
you're approaching the light.

Nothing is forever.

IS this a positive or negative?
Change is good whether you get what you wanted or not.
It's good to approach your challenges with the knowledge that
change is just around the corner.
This change that will ultimately lead to where you want to go.

Now should we wait to reach the light
To live?
The light is ready to be lit no matter the situation.
A smile to block out the pain,
a word of kindness to erase a wound
thoughtfulness and love to cure all incurables.
These are all
perfect ingredients to see the light,
to be in the light.

When you decide not to hold on for dear life,
maybe then you can live life until you can't.
It never pays to stop
to wonder what road will lead to success,
that vision has been
Better to be led by the light.
Close your eyes,
see and trust what you cannot see
with your eyes wide opened.

The less you know of those dark places,
the more likely it is to feel
the power of the sunshine
the wonder of the moon light.
To never wonder at miracles
likely to happen when you stop
looking for all that is wrong and celebrate
that one good thing.

Just think,

this life will never be yours again.
This smile last for only a while,
these hands can only flow for a moment.

Stand straighter
step strong,
move with fluid movements.
celebrate this one good life.

Feel the wind
lift you higher
and no matter what,
don't look down.

Your destiny does not lie in looking down
but flying higher and higher.
No one said the flight would be smooth.
Ride the wave
of the turbulence
laugh in the face
of storms past,
and those to come.

Allow the wonder of finally seeing the light to be
the eighth wonder of the world.

Better yet make it the only wonder that counts.

It is hard to begin,
but once you have started to see,
you can glimpse the beauty that was already there.
When you have lost much,
put the brightest and loudest colors on what you have left.

Those are what matter.

When you finally rest in the light,
you made it.
Finally, you have seen the light.
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Even The Least.

If there should be a poor man among your relatives in one of the cities of the land that the Lord your God is about to give you, don’t be hard-hearted or tight-fisted toward your poor relative. Instead, be sure to open your hand to him and lend him enough to lessen his need.

 Deuteronomy 15:7-8

Today in the bus going home, a person with a disability stood up and asked for some money, ” even $10 or $20″. Now in usual fashion you had some who gave and some who did not – FYI most did not. Now if we know anything, it is that some people are professional beggars, while secretly doing well for themselves. As a result of this of this, many of us have hardened our hearts to the seeming begging epidemic we see on the streets.

As holy people whom God has chosen and loved, be sympathetic, kind, humble, gentle, and patient.

Colossians 3:12

Now as he walked down the isle of the bus collecting from those who were willing to give, I thought, ” well I am not gonna be fooled by him!” So I sat there ready not to give, when my conscience attacked me. This attack let me to relent and give him something, but not too much. So I took out a twenty dollar coin to give him. it was the best of both worlds, I was giving him the the higher of what he asked for so no one could say I was not generous. However, while I waited for him to pass by a thought came to interrupt my philanthropic act.

Charge them that are rich in this world, that they be not highminded, nor trust in uncertain riches, but in the living God, who giveth us richly all things to enjoy; That they do good, that they be rich in good works, ready to distribute, willing to communicate.

 1 Timothy 6:17-18

I suddenly remembered making the promise that I would not give a person who is able bodied my hard earned money, only a person with a disability. However, now that I had the opportunity, I was finding reasons why I should not give. I started to feel uncomfortable, then I realized that I had only made the promise to restrict who to give because I did not want to give at all, and I felt ashamed. When did giving become such a challenge? Or better yet, when did giving to those who needed it the most become such a challenge. We freely give our time and resources to people who do not need them, and when we see someone who really does need them, we are reluctant: ” what if they are playing a trick and don’t really need it?” On the other hand, we give it to people who are doing well, going places and who have potential, but we find it harder to give just to give, with no strings, conditions, or because. Oh, we give to a friend in need, but a person we don’t know who is down to their last dollar cannot be trusted, we don’t know them. Yet the truth is it is often the persons who have the most access to our resources who can do the most damage and not that random person we give a small change to, once and never again.

I have noticed that at times, people are more willing to give a little more to those who seem to be succeeding. We build them and forget about those who have nothing to offer but need so much more. We know that they exist but we do not often see their worth. We do not realize that we have been conditioned to size up a persons worth to us long before we know or understand their story. Sometimes we don’t care. We are too busy protecting the “little” resources we have to care.

So, as I waited for his return I realized that if I am going to be true to my word I have to give willingly. We all need to give willingly especially those we consciously or subconsciously consider the least among us, when they ask us for help.

Give to everyone who asks you for something. Don’t turn anyone away who wants to borrow something from you

St. Matthew 5:42
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We Do Not Have to Stop.

So today has been one of those days; when you have a choice to either allow things to get you down and interrupt your day or just go with the flow and roll with the punches.

On Mondays I get up early as usual, but not for work. I get up at 4 a.m. to go to up to the good ole U.W.I, a struggle I hope to overcome soon. I did everything I would normally do, but apparently not everything.

I got to the bus park and guess what the line is super short. This means I will be getting a comfortable seat today! As I stand in line a thought comes to me: “do I have my ID?” And you guessed correctly, I did not. Upon realizing this, couple of thoughts flashed through my mind. Should I just go home and use this as the excuse why I can’t go to school today, after all I can’t use the library without my ID and going there will take up a large chink of my day? Or, do I call my aunt to see if she can get someone to get it to me? Or, do I call a taxi man I know to get it from her to take to me?

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Now normally before I think of what to do, I would spend some time cursing the day and fate that caused me to forget my ID! I would probably cry for good measure, because poor me, I did everything right and things are still not working out for me. But i surprised myself today.

I was a bit surprised at how calm I was. I did not complain, curse nor cry. Instead, I picked what I thought was the best solution. I stepped out of the line and called my aunt. But she did not answer the phone. What next could I do? I had called her several times and still not answer. if I went home now no one could blame me, after all I did try. Right?

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However, I decided to try another number. My plan worked. I got her and she was able to get to a good taxi friend who could drop it off so I could collect it. As I waited for him I realized I had to use the bathroom, but I did not want to miss him. But I had to go! I went and quickly did my thing and just as I came out he was already there looking around for me, ready to leave. I ran and collected my ID and ran back to the bus park.

Two buses had come and gone since I left and the line was still short. A real miracle. In less than a minute another bus approached. I was able to get a comfortable seat and I was on my way!

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Sitting in the bus I thought of the me a year ago. The me who would have been so frustrated at this seemingly insurmountable blockage. I would have given up and called it a day. I would have wallowed in self pity and thought of all the past incidents that prove once more that no matter how hard you try, things just don’t work out sometimes. I would not have been able to see beyond my disappointment to other solutions, to get what I needed in order to go where I wanted to go. However, today I could and I did.

Though I am still affected by things that I should not be affected by, I realized that I am no longer as stressed out as I use to be. I am more realistic in my approach to situations and therefore more rational in how I react and choose to get things done.

A disappointment does not have to result in lingering and all consuming unhappiness. Things do not always happen the way we imagine but that doesn’t mean they will not happen. We may have to shift our plans, take a different route or delay a bit, but we do not have to stop. We do not have to let the actions of others affect our mood nor our dream of where we are headed. We do not have to beat ourselves up when we make mistakes that delay our plans. Maybe we will have to adjust how we get to where we are going, and that’s okay. In the end let nothing stop you from getting there.

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Get Out The Way!

“I can’t allow you to get in the way of my energy.”

We need to say this especially to ourselves. But before we do we need to develop a positive energy if we don’t have one. It doesn’t matter what we have been like in the past. By being more positive in our thinking I really belief that life would be more pleasant. When the little things don’t matter we can focus on the bigger picture.

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And what is the bigger picture you may ask?

Well there are many things we can’t change and we don’t need to spend time trying to. How we look, where we were born and what we were born with, our prior experiences and so much more. what we can focus on are the things that make us happy. Boldly going after what we enjoy, even if no one else gets it.

We spend too much time second guessing our decision and choices, while many opportunities pass us by. We down play our worth until we have erased what God created and replaced it with a poor substitute.

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I belief that children should never be told to stop dreaming, that they should be like everyone else and accept where they are. This is a dangerous practice that can kill the soul of that child, that can destroy a beautiful flower before it blooms.

However, it is never too late to revitalize yourself , never too late for a restoration of self. the you that you know you are is waiting to emerge, all you have to do is step out of your way. It’s easy to blame someone, anyone: parents, uncle, aunt, boyfriend or girlfriend, the lady down the road, a neighbour, friend, anyone, for why you are still a caterpillar, but you can’t hide from the truth.

Image result for Let all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor and slander be put away from you, along with all malice. Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.

The truth is you may not be giving yourself the chance to grow and reach beyond this very distorted image of yourself because you feel you don’t deserve to be that person. So there it is, your unhappiness and distress could be a manifestation of what’s in your mind and no one’s fault.

Therefore, you not only need to change your attitude but also your energy. Man up or woman up and think about it. Do people want to be around you, do you try to uplift others? Or, do you even get tired of yourself, drained from all the shenanigans you let inside your head and life.

At the end of the day, if we want to be truly happy then we may need to adjust or attitude. We may need to take some time to cultivate a mindset that sees us always hopeful about the future, accepting of what is and a desire to challenge all about the self that has not worked and which never will.

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