No Lie.

The truth is, we are all a little vulnerable, if we allow ourselves to be. We try to do the best we can even when we mess up. Trying should be enough.

When we feel sick both physically and mentally and someone ask how we are doing, sometimes the answer so simple as the question.

Often times when this happens we give the generic responses, take your pick:

I’m okay

I’m good

I’m fine, thank you

Everything is great.

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However, sometimes it’s hard to get those words from the pit of our stomach. All we can manage is, I’m trying. For today and even for the rest of the week that will have to do. It will have to do because it is our truth. We do not complain about what’s happening to us and neither do we need sympathy. All we need is the acceptance that we are trying.

The truth is, the thought of not knowing what will happen to us terrifies us, even though that’s not how we should feel. It’s hard to face the truth of how vulnerable and small we feel from time to time. When nothing goes as planned but you decide to smile and trust the process. When you are even scared of a breakthrough because the reality of that breakthrough, may differ from the one you envisioned.

It’s hard to adjust to reality, when you operated on some premise of how you want the world to be. When you realize how close many people are to losing their humanity and you still have to be here, to witness it. It’s challenging when you know it’s going to be hard for others to understand you, because you don’t understand yourself.

It’s scary to know that your gifts may not be useful to anyone because in their reality it is of no use.

The truth is sometimes when we have tried all that we can and nothing works, all we can do is pray that God will do the rest.

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