Don’t Pick A Side

I thought came to me recently. What would happen if in any situation I chose not to pick a side?

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Would I be allowed to do this?

Everyone claims that there point is the right point and some go as far as to say that their point is the only point. So it does get confusing about who is right and how is wrong.

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It can be exhausting to constantly be bombarded with the need to pick a side and it can lead to emotional burnout.

Therefore, I feel it’s not necessary to hate the one and love the other, to accept one and reject that which seems opposite to the one I just accepted.

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Instead of living in a black or white area, I think I prefer the gray area that could eventually lead to more colour and balance. Being in a seemingly fuzzy zone can be warm and comfy. Before anyone disagrees, no it is not a way of remaining indecisive, but I see it as way to co-exist with people who think and act differently from the way I do and being okay with them. Similar to how I can be interpreted as a person – in many different ways – I don’t have to hold fast to one tried and tested way of being.

So, for the purposes of retaining the little sanity I have left, I will not declare I side – if I can help it. I will begin to appreciate that life and people by extension, are filled with grey areas that makes life interesting.

Then again, I could be wrong; life is complicated and the grey zone I seek may be hard to live comfortably in.

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