Lazy Luck.

So is there every a time when being lazy is a good thing?

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Well I think so!

Many people will be surprised to know that I can be super lazy. I was so lazy at one point that I did not bathe for one whole day!

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But I don’t think that is something I should put out there. Thank God my readership is small so I can get away with that. Whew!

So, one time I was invited to be a part of this scheme to sell coffee. It was some kind of super coffee, with tonnes of health benefits and I was gonna sell coffee and that would make me rich, rich I tell you!

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Rolling in the dough, money money money!

Except, I didn’t have to sell the coffee all I had to do was buy it.

So, how was I gonna make money?

Well, when I went to the “meeting”, in this really poorly lit room at about seven or so in the evening, I learned, “hey, you don’t have to worry about how much coffee you sell, you just need to get more persons on board this scheme”.

So, all I had to do was recruit persons to buy coffee packages – a lot of it – that they were not expected to sell and I could make money off them, when they got more people on board. Now, my non-mathematically inclined brain went into overdrive and my very introverted spirit screamed a resounding, NO!

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I would have to find people to get on board this very strange business of buying a coffee package for, I think it was $10,000, could be more, at the time so that they could drink all the products, because that is not where the money was, and seek human bodies to also buy coffee they were going to drink to get rich.

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I smiled and drank and ate what they had, told them I would be at the next meeting and left. I went home, patted myself on the back for doing something outside my comfort level, consoled myself for being a fool but not that great a fool and never thought about that meeting nor the coffee again.

You know what really got me upset; initially, I was told about this wonderful product and opportunity I would be apart of and when I got there it was another story. The super coffee was not the focus, there was nothing about how to sell this amazing product nor this great company I was told I would be a part of. Plus, if this coffee was so great and life changing why didn’t I hear about it before. I felt like I had wasted my time at the end of that little “get together”.

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More than a year later I saw the guy who had introduced me to the scheme and asked him how things were going. I thought he would tell me he was rich – it seemed he would do well in the scheme, he was so enthusiastic! Sadly he told me it didn’t work out, because he could not get enough person to sign up. You think! So, he lost that money he initially paid to get the package, had coffee that he did not need, and wasted time trying to find people to sign up to this thing.

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However, he was pursuing this other venture that would definitely work out. I slowly but surely crept more and more out of his get- rich-obsessed gaze, I wished him well and went on my way. I have not seen him since.

I also learned later about ponzi schemes and that is what is was. All I know is this, that was not how I was gonna be rich! At the time, I thanked God I had more sense than I thought I did and jumped ship before it sailed. Also, thank God I was too broke and too lazy to shoot myself in the foot – I was already doing fine on my own in that department, without anyone else getting involved, thank you very much.

So I guess being lazy sometimes pay, just as how it can get you into stuff, it can also take you out of stuff incompatible to your purpose.

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