Change Your Conversation

Change Your Conversation

I'm not leaving until you bless me...

I will fight 
fight till I die.
I'm not gonna leave
until I change my life.
No more will I hide in this cave
too weak to breathe
too weak to live.
No more in the shadows 
I will not be ashamed.
I look to the east 
I see my sunrise
like a lion I will roar
for  the sake of my life.
I will break 
the wall that I hate
I will not listen to your blasphemy.

Get up!
We must get up!
Leave the places I have walked so many times
leave the circle I keep walking.
I cannot stay
any longer
I must go!
I must move the stone
roll it away
to come out of my cave.
Just a splash of vinegar
will clean the palate
remove the mucus of discord.
I will sit still and talk no more
the same story of old.
I will not be the way I was - 
changed -
I have been given a new vision.
The path I walk
I walk not by sight....
though dark and cold
- at times -
I move forward.
Though I see other travellers
I cannot stop.
I cannot stop to talk
I have a new mission.
Like a caul 
I am covered with my purpose,
I must walk tall.
My way is filled with traps
but I must be nimble.
I must make it to the other side
so I must leave you all behind.
No I will 
never to come this way again.

But if I do...
it is only to remind me that I was you.

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Loves to tell and hear untold stories about people, places and experiences!

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