Being Vigilant

It is hard but necessary to be vigilant. We can become distracted by what is happening around us and we lose sight of what we should have been doing in the first place. All that potential and possibility goes to waste because we stood still too long while opportunities pass us by, unseen, unknown.

We may feel so desperate that we grab the first thing we see or get. However if we are too hasty we may grab at straws too short to save us. Straws that are too weak to bear our load. It may be that this straw comes with too many compromises that cause us to lose our identity so that when we walk past a mirror we cannot see ourselves.

Then, when we get too desperate nothing makes sense, no one is as they appear to our impaired minds. So those who come to do us harm appear to us as friends who are there to save us from those who really are there to help us. We make enemies based on perceived injuries and miscommunicated good intentions. Our minds do not help us to see the truth but speaks to us of wrongs done that can never be reappeared alliances that break relationship and make us suspicious – illogically so.

This is a time when we have to cling to what is sane. To cling to the truth, not because it is popular but because it is simply that, the truth. It is the time to be vigilant about extending grace to those who truly need it, not because of what we can gain by being so but because we are sent to support those who need to be uplifted.

The are so many more dangers around us today than there were a year ago, so much that it seems as if form last year to this we have aged ten years. However, we cannot allow fear to be our companion, to set the tone for how we proceed. We need to face the truth whether we like it or not and be every mindful that difficulties, like some potholes, cannot be avoided.

Be vigilant and rely on God to help you to see those things you cannot see. Rely on Him to give you the wisdom you do not have. Be humble enough and acknowledge that you cannot control or prevent the dangers that lurk just out of sight, but, you can determine how successful you will be in resisting them, by vigilant.

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