Here things are quite slow,
the rush of excitement
from doing something great!
does not exist here.
You will find no perfection
only the ordinary.
There is no excitement going off
at all hours of the day.
There is nothing life changing,
day by day.
there are many cracks
many broke things
yet - 
you will find neither cracked nor broken souls
just people living.
There is no perfect angle
of yourself
just yourself
as you are.
You will find survivors
without the fairytale ending
death is real
and the dying necessary.
there are less insta happy
more gratihappy.
No svelte form to hide the horrors
that this world can inflict.
The living has been transformed
by wind, rain, heat and snow -
all intrude 
and we must concede.
We have enough control,
to survive for as long as our time here allows
then we must go
move on from this town
to find our next home.

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Loves to tell and hear untold stories about people, places and experiences!

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