It’s Too Late?

It's Too Late?

Where have the years gone
and when did the wrinkles come
home to roost?
why did you settle for empty promises?
Why did you settle
under their thumb
rejected and forlorn?
Is it too late
to smile again?
to feel the sun on your face?
Is it too late
to leave the pain?
Just have some fun?
Is it too late
to stop and fight
even after your flight?
Is it too late to be alive
when death was your bedmate?
It is too late?

We will see...

Still Life

Still Life

Arranged just so
frozen in the dust
of our yerteryears
forbidden to go
too far out
still life
a masterpiece
dying to breathe
the breath of life.
I take one step
to get ahead
but I am chained to my past
hooked like a drowning fish.
Will I walk on water
be pulled under?
Still life,
Too long?
In a whirlpool of doubt
I release my tears
to the four seasons of the year
the great flood has come to its end
and the ship can sail off
into the horizon of my future. 
Truly beautiful...
Completely unexpected...