Keep Catching Yourself.

How much time do you spend focused on what others around you are doing or not doing?

If it is a lot, then you are getting away from yourself and you don’t even realise it. What do I mean by this? We can get so caught up in being critical of other persons, too aware of needing to focus less on ourselves and more on others. We can become so wound up in the movements of everyone who we come across that we do not see our missteps until it is too late.

We may become blind to the areas in our own lives, our attitudes our outlook, that we are unable to make the necessary changes that we need to make in order to grow and thrive. Though it may be good to be aware of those around you, it is never good to become fixated on those around you to the detriment of yourself. What can happen is that we may be so far gone that we do not recognise who we are when we are forced to take a good look.

No one is perfect and we are constantly under construction. Therefore, we need to be more aware of when we are slipping so that we do not permanently fall. No one is responsible for our growth but us, therefore we have to be on the alert and constantly keep catching ourselves.

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