We Made It!!

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Who knew victory would be so bitter sweet. Yes, so many of us for many reasons, especially because of Ms Rona were wondering if we would – many did not. Let’s have a moment of silent for all those who did not make it. Let’s have a moment for those who still cling to making it in 2021…

What a year it has been. Now we need to take some time to reflect on what we have learned about ourselves and about others. Let us turn those disappoints into lessons that will make us stronger and smarter moving forward. This year there were so many deaths to contend with, I truly came face to face with my mortality – I lost people I loved and at one point felt I would not make it – it was intense.

But here I am, still. And still, here you are. Let us just take the time to breathe deeply because we made it. Despite our differences, despite our challenges we are together in knowing that we made it for a reason. We are still here because we still have more to do and more to give. There is no room in this new year to doubt our place here, nor doubt that this time is our time. We must accept that the past has no hold on us, except that we must learn from it and the future is yet to come. All we have is each moment that we are here and we need to make it count. Make it count it just for ourselves but for others who will fall into our path.

All we have to truly carry into the new year is hope. When we say happy new year, we say it with the fervent hope that it will be so. Gone is the supercilious attitudes of last year, that we had a right to happiness, riches and boundless opportunities, because it is a new year. We have been humbled and now know how quickly things can change for the worst, ad keep getting worse.

But, hopefully we also take with us from 2020, a greater sense of confidence in our abilities and our stick-to-itiveness, a stubbornness to grow, thrive and flourish even in the most adverse of conditions. We climbed to the mountain top and we raise our hands in triumph. However, as we look out we see yet another mountain peak that we will have to get to and we have no choice to begin our descent to make our ascent to that new milestone. We don’t know what is to come but we know we that 2020 has given us a few more survival tools to take with us on the next stage of the journey.

Happy 2021, stay blessed and stay safe.

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