Death Card

Death Card

Today I looked at a customized shell
A shell of what was
I cried
I mourned
and wept for the life
once contained in that shell.
I told myself - 
"it was okay".
He has gone to a better place.
My heart bleed
blood red, green and gold
the ugliest tears 
you cannot imagine.
It had come face to face
with its mortality.
So fragile
a light had been easily snuffed.
He was poor and so he died
cursed by inequity.
Born to struggle 
he died flying.
A fight from the womb like a warrior 

I saw death sitting stiffly
presiding over its celebration.
Its gray countenance a reminder of the road
 we all must travel.
And I knew there must be 
Another story waiting to be told- 
on the other side?

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Loves to tell and hear untold stories about people, places and experiences!

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