I feel rage. 
I feel fear.
I feel humiliated!
Like a tiger I will tear you apart.
How could you?
Why did you?
Make me feel this way.
All twisted, bent out of shape.
Inflamed in my rage of inferiority
I have been contained
to burn slowly
until nothing remains.
Let me have this
so I can destroy you and it.
Let me tear off your image 
and use it as my mask.
Let me wrap these tentacles around you
bring you to your knees
for I must feed
on your soul
attack you from within.

You look at me and I know
you cannot be trusted.
Nothing said nothing done
just a thought
just so
I do not know - 
but it must be so?
I must protect and keep
What is mine to keep.
I must stop you from knocking me off my feet
taking my shine.
I must keep you in line!

So I claw and squeeze
until the blood overflows.
For to do my business I must be heart -
Like a living nightmare
I remain close at heart.

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Loves to tell and hear untold stories about people, places and experiences!

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