And I will rage…

And I will Rage...

...against bigots on their stage
whose smiles poison and words inflame
...against the kindness of thieves
who see the suffering grieve as weak and take siege.
...against the promises of peace
made by those who hold the gun
who demand  praise for their  reign of death and terror.
...against the powerful who spiral out of control
                                                                    too vast to contain
who spit out skulls as they feast on our pain.

For though my power is made impotent
the will to fight does not wane.
my rage is all I have left so I will nurture and bottle it.
to get back my humanity to counter the pain.
I will master and wield it
to turn the tide and carry the day.

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Loves to tell and hear untold stories about people, places and experiences!

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