A stab that went too deep
A wound never healed.
A thought that took life
though born in the gutter.
A look that could kill
sprung to life through strife.
A mind given to impressions
warped, twisted, diseased.
A word uttered without thought
leaves chaos in its wake,
destruction felt through the ages,
sails torn,
courses diverted
That decisive act
borne of confidence
shatters the timid,
annihilates the unprepared.


What you thought was carefully crafted
falls down - 
dominos poorly stacked.
The plans you fashioned
on the backs of others
spins, attacks and devours
That victory today celebrated today
tomorrow the foundation of your shipwreck.

Beware of the tide
and where it may lead,
down highways and byways
that bring you to your knees.

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Loves to tell and hear untold stories about people, places and experiences!

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