Crazy Bud

Crazy Bud

Look at you!
Is that you?
Really you?
Well well well
you really made it
didn't you?
You did the impossible - 
but you're crazy after all.

An embryo too tightly wound
to show the beauty you carried
axil fragile
likely to break
but you held on
You had no power to conquer the mind
but you wait to conquer the heart.
Though you came in slow
your growth was sure
and so we waited
and look!
Here you are.
No resting bud 
are you
to be deceived by the coming cold
you fought through storm and sleet
to whorl most boldly.

You did your best
passed all your tests
and trials
to bloom 
and strike 
and die
to make way for another,

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Loves to tell and hear untold stories about people, places and experiences!

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