Clear Visions

We made it to November in 2020! At one point there are many who would never would have believed they would; many did not. The year has been so disappointing for many and persons continue to struggle micro and macro concerns that seem to box us in, keep us diminished. If we spend too much time focusing on the distractions and the negative naysayers then we would buckle unde the weight of all we have experienced and all that we still have to experience.

But I believe 2020 has been true to what it was said to be at the start of the year – perfect vision that is what we have had. We have been able to come to some hard realisations about ourselves and other, the world in which we truly live in and not the one we sought to construct. This has been a year where, under some very uncertain times, we have had to let go of many things. Jobs left many, loved ones, friend and opportunities. However, we have also gained many things that we often do not see because we are so focused on those negatives things that disguise the good.

I am sure that many will leave 2020 a lot more mature, a lot more honest about who they are. 2020 has made it impossible for anyone who wore a mask to continue wearing the mask that has fooled so many – even those who wear them. The pandemic has made it easier for us to be honest in all areas of our lives, and this has led to many upheavals that now may seem unbearably painful, but ones which we will survive and even flourish henceforth.

For me the things that use to be important, are no longer important because I now realise at the end of the day all those things will eventually lose their significance. I also realise that you have to be realistic in your expectations of others and of yourself. There is no place for fantasies and the world can be a very very scary place; and more importantly, that it is not a bad thing if you don’t know everything. Not everyone can handle the truth and those persons who cannot should be even some grace and be allowed to carry that which they can manage to carry.

If there is one thing I am grateful for, is that this year so far has taught me what it truly means to be humble: to be in a position when you hit rock bottom and only by grace do you rise again. I have seen that ego can be detrimental and is something that we all have to fight against, ot lose the good within that can make us give of our best; we can lose the best part of who we are, but we should never deny that we also have flaws which makes it impossible for us to judge anyone for theirs.

I have come to accept that we are all different and the best you hope for someone is not necessarily the best that they hope for themselves and we should accept this. You can never pray or wish someone into the mould you want them to be and it is not your job to do. All we can do is live the lives we are qualified to live and remain faithful that we will have what we need to do so.

life is not easy. Even if you think you have everything you need at a given time, there will always be a fork in the road to knock your off track; to force you on a detour journey that will either reshape or snap you in two. No one owes you anything because everyone is just doing the best they can, where they are at and that has to okay. At the end of the day you can either take them on or let them go, it all depends on you.

So while we continue to weather the storms that 2020 has in store for us, we must see beyond the clouds and find our silver linings.

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2 thoughts on “Clear Visions”

  1. I agree that while 2020 wasn’t what anyone of us expected, it most certainly brought with it, its own bittersweet revelations about us. I believe that by the end of this year, all of us shall know much more about ourselves than we did at the starting of the year.

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