Break All the Narratives

Break All the Narratives

Before you can  break those chains that cling lovingly
break all those narratives.

All those time you would be
things just could not turn out right.
Why the curse had followed you 
from Eve's womb.

Stories told
of you
to you
about you
but never by you.
stories which condemned you
before you even tried.
They sought to bury
in the petrid soil of hopelessness - 
where you were told you belonged.
Never your story
never you.

it does not matter.
It does not matter
that you had to claw your way up.
That at your slow progress you shed all your feathers.
It does not matter
that two turned three and three five and five seven - perfect score.
You have changed the narrative.
Replaced the broken empty vessel to carry all the wisdom you need
to carry the water that restores.

When no one can help you
it is okay.
Okay to walk alone
okay to say goodbye to all that would entrap you.
It is okay to stop listening to the stories that do not define.
Okay to stop telling them as if they were family heirlooms. 
It is okay to forge a new story - 
one where you are the director and writer producer and teller.

to finally break free from the web of the lies you were told to be.

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