Speaking A New Story…

Be careful how you treat people today because they may have the fabric you need to create your story. Be careful what you hold on to from your past because it may stop you from seeing your future. Most importantly, be careful the words you utter because they may kill the stories waiting to be told.

There are times when we love to be a part of the story and we never want to be the story because it may have painful parts that we do not want to share or be exposed to. So we languish in the rot of yesterday’s garbage and wonder why we seem stuck in the same place we have been trying to get out of from ever since. Why our story is still the same and why everything seems to change except our situations.

Maybe we have spoken too much of the things we cannot do and refuse to speak and write about what we have the power to do. If we really want to tell our story we cannot wait on someone to give us the words to do or, worst yet, letting others use their pens to write it for us. No fortune teller can tell you what to do or what you need to know to craft a life you deserve. If that were the case where would that leave our connection with the Almighty. No one will create that movie worthy scene that will climax into you winning the day, triumphing over all adversities and coming out on the other side. You can’t steal someone else’s story to make your own. No matter how much you dream it were so. We have to make our own stories. Speak the words that will make it so and live lives that tell the truth of who we are.

You have been set apart, specially gifted but waiting too long to realise this can be the great error of your life. Before a story is written down on the page, it has to be lived and told and encrypted in the soul. When we take away all that we have accumulated here on the earth, without all those things, what is the story of ourselves, without the entrapments of titles and accolades?

Speak a new story that does not have the stench of the past but the promise of a new day. Each day is such, where we get the chance to build on what we have already been given, accumulating people unto ourselves we will play a crucial role in the totality of the story and not things that leave when the going gets tough and leave a bitter taste.

When we ask if there is something greater than where we are, chances are there is. The only problem is we do not know how to wait and see. So, we tell the same old story because we do not have the courage to be encouraged at the signs that tell us, better is ahead. The truth is, we are too scared to think of the possibility of another story than the one we have been fed all our lives.

Be prepared to tell a new story because change is a constant that no one can escape, even if we try.

Has this pandemic experience and quarantine period made you consider telling a new story of your life? Think about the ways in which you have been changed by what has happened and decide how your story will shape up moving forward. Do not wait for someone to come and tell you who you are and what you will do. The power and knowledge is already there within you.

Grace and peace to you from Him who is, and who was, and who is to come… (Rev1:4a)

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