Not That Kind of Rich.

I am sure that some of us at least at some point in our lifetime have had this dream to make it big, to be a success and get rich. We may have dreamed of the day when wealth acquired would get us anywhere and everywhere we wanted to be. We could see it then, all the freedom wealth would afford us, all that was before us. “The sky is the limit”, “nothing can stop us now”, we though once we had a chance all we had to do was work hard! So we did, we worked hard day and night, but the change was slow in coming. But, we did not give up because, well, because after all the formula was to never stop, “grinding”, the saying was, “heights of great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight, but they while their companions slept were toiling upwards through the night”. And you really thought you could make it.

So, you toil and toil and toil and toil. Then only to realise that nothing happened. Instead of owning your own jet, to soar you are squashed and bogged down among others who aimed but missed their mark.

You slowly but surely realise that you have not been working to make your dream come through, but someone else’s. You have not been working to make yourself rich but someone else. All that time you spent “grinding”, all your efforts toiling, have only served to remind you that the barrel you try to come out of has no end and no beginning, it just is. So, you hear of a new scheme, the scheme goes if you spend more, you will attract more money to you, and only end up broke. You see, the scheme had no safeguards against limited income, against the pre-existing condition of your poverty. you search out so many schemes, but none of them last because their first and only aim was to extract and store in their own reserve of wealth.

Everyone cannot be rich but you are raised to believe this. So you start many ventures that lead nowhere and projects that never take off the ground. You spend so much time chasing wealth while it seems to run from you. The difference lies in the fact that you cannot see this truth, your vision is clouded by all the scales of lies you refuse to remove.

I have wondered why it seems that at the top there is only a few who benefit from the efforts of many, why only a few make decision that everyone else follows. You will never be rich because it has always been that way and because many do not see this. You could be the most financially responsible person ever, but you will still have those limited dollars swirling in your pocket, eventually reduced to coins and then air, until the next paycheck. After all you have responsibilities.

If we stopped following the “blueprint” for being rich, what are we left with? If we stopped chasing that next dollar, what would we have to chase, to “grind” for and toil for?

Can you be happy knowing that you will never be rich, knowing that any concept of material wealth you acquire will be limite? With knowing that it will never be enough to get you to the first branch of the tree, much less the sky you aim for?

If you think that chasing wealth will ensure you get it, then consider, how many actually do. It is tough to get into that 1% exclusive club, the ones who make things happen but never do those things – well not anymore. It would be easier for you to be rich in other ways than material wealth. Many really do not know what it takes to be rich, and maybe you would not like it. To be rich you may have to be okay with the fact that many around you will suffer to keep you at the top. When how high you go depends on how many people you stand on, without regret.

You decide, what kind of riches you want to have.

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