Time is a Finite Resource…

I started this year taking everything for granted. Not realising how precarious life truly is. When I looked out at the year I felt I was to begin a journey I could clearly map out. All I had to do if I wanted to reach my predetermined destination, was to have a plan and be disciplined about it. However, as we all know by now, some of the best laid plans can get completely wiped out.

Feeling that this was the time to set certain things into motion, I was ready to take a leap of faith. Then my body reminded me that somethings were beyond my control. You can eat all the vegetables in sight and do all the exercises we can find, but our health can still fail us. Things can grow and flourish in both your mind and body that can bring harm to you. You can even be as close to perfect as any man can come and still fail miserably. The truth i,s nothing is guaranteed except your time is running out. While many of us feel young enough to scuff at this or avoid thinking about it, it still happens.

However, time is still a resource. I have learned not to focus on what I want to do tomorrow and where I want to be. I have learned to appreciate the time right now and love what I can see. There is no magic potion that you can conjure in your head, that will get you all you require from the future to make the present the best.

You want to move on but you are waiting for the right time that never comes, because there never will be a perfect time. I am sure that there are many persons who waited until this year to start making moves, but had to abort because of the roadblocks ahead. “Time is precious”, is what we often hear, but we do not know how precious until the sand in the glass is right in counting down too fast for your liking.

Maybe it is that time in general is infinite but for each of us it is not. By the fact that you have ancestors and history, we know that one day we will comfortably reside in both. Even when we are asked to stand still, time does not wait for us. Instead, it waves at us and all we can do is pray that we will be allowed to move again, before time gets too far ahead of our intentions.

So, while time moves merrily along, oblivious to our doubts and setbacks, we are left to wrestle with its consequences. We have to come to terms with the knowledge that the time we have to work with, may not be up to us. It means that we have to decide what we will do to ensure we have exponential returns on the time we are afforded.

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