Well If I Can Do This Thing…

When you wait too long to make a move you lose all credibility. Now think about this as I find myself in the predicament of deciding whether or not inactivity is a sign that I may be a fraud or not. There are always people who have a problem with injustices of one kind or another taking place, either around them or to someone, known or unknown to them. There are always persons who belief they can do so much more and have so much more to offer, yet all they do is talk and dream. Persons complain about things they do not like but then are stuck and do nothing about it. One has to wonder if they really want to see things change or if they just want to have something to complain about.

Maybe, it is that we want to see a change but we feel powerless, so we dream, plot and plan, to no avail. How hard is it to do something instead of thinking about it? Well, in thinking much effort is not required and so potential dangers can be avoided, while, in doing there are any number of pitfalls lurking around every conceivable corner you can imagine. However, there is no satisfaction or reward in thinking forever when action is the only way that change will take place.

It is quite frustrating when nothing you want to see happen materialises. However maybe we need to ask ourselves how do we facilitate this outcome? Turning your back and hoping for the best is not going to stop a runaway train and neither is just being in the audience going to make the movie that much more enjoyable. If you want a good production for your own life, you have to ensure that you are one of, if not the producer that has the vision and is willing to work day and night to have something worth looking at.

What if instead of beginning with doubt and fear we thought, ‘”well if I can do this thing, even once, I can do a little more”. Each of us has to decide what that thing is that will enable us to move from righteous indignation, anger, game changing ideas, dreaming of change to solution, and realisation of a dream or those innovative ideas bubbling under the surface. We have to believe that we have the power of The Almighty to make things happen, while having the faith to know they will.

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