what does it even mean?
Is it being caught in that in between?
A place that tells you have arrive
when you had not taken the bus to get there?
I am destined to be great?
Who says?
If i reach high enough and hold on long enough
it will find me?
So I must wait
or I should go?
Tell how do I find it?
Can I find it?
Will it wait for me?
Will it wait until I have made many messes
then clean up
or try to?
DO I have to find the answers first?
Do i have to unlock secrets I don't know

Can you Please answer me.

How Long, far, deep and wide?
How much of me do I need to cut
piece by piece?
If you don't have the answers, who does?
Who can tell me what is real?
Are my dreams real and my life a nightmare
made to look normal?
Have been in a haunted house all this time!
Do I need to gather weapons to myself
to save myself
from myself?

Where do I turn
what will I do
tied up by my own tongue?
Can i voice my displeasure when
I am trapped behind these bars
that chew and cut and demolish

I am waiting.
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