Watching You Struggle.

Wait a minute.
Don't go any further.
What are you doing?
What do you intend to do here?
Do you think you are here to struggle?

I watched slip
so many time on that ladder.
Going nowhere but the bottom.

Why do you care
about them?
Do you know while you watch them watch you,
you go through
the empty space set there to trap you.

You flash here and there
like a fish out of water.
Like a elephant ballerina.
How odd that this is your normal.
How sad that this is what you have come to.

once so proud and strong.
So noble
A crude disfigured rendering
used to entertain and keep you in your place!

Et bien
Ah bueno
oh byen
Who cares if you passed the test!
It was never written with you in mind.

Wait again!
Think about.
Before you go down this road,
do you really care to do so.

Do you really care to put yourself through further torment?

It will never do
to start taking in
everything shoved down your throat.

As I look at you swimming in your sweat and the filth of others I have one question:
will it be worth it?
Landscape Photography of Withered Tree

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