Too Much Advice!

I am sure you have heard the expression: The more the merrier. Well, too much can be a damaging thing in any situation. This is the same with advice.

Normally we want to hear the opinions of others and trust me they will give it to you and some that you neither asked for nor wanted. People love to give advice whether or not they know what they are talking about. However, if they feel they do, they will never stop. Everyday they meet you they have another juicy piece of morsel they forgot to add to the dish they gave you. Often times you end up deeply regretting that you asked.

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People will give advice based on what they know of themselves, their world and their experiences. So really the advice may not match your situation but just reveals what they know or have learned about themselves. I am not saying this is always the case, but, I am sure we all know people who are like the above.

Then you have others whom you did not ask but who gave it anyway and left you feeling insecure about something you planned to do.

Getting advice or a second and third opinion is wise but don’t take them all and run with them – I realize the irony as I give you this advise.

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Once you have gathered all those varying voices you have to decide whether you will take one or two or none. At the end of the day getting and taking advice does not have to mean you give away your power to make your own decisions. Getting advice should be about realizing your options and not being limited by someone else’s perspective. You cannot escape making a difficult decision by seeking advice, only delay it. Neither can you acquire a partner in crime, because most persons who readily give the advice that you seek are either thinking hypothetically or are happy not to be in your shoe – and they don’t want to step in it.

Also consider that the person you seek for words of wisdom, may be ‘wise’ to your situation and not their own. The point is, do not think that there is any perfect person who has it all together. Everything in life is based on trial and error, so the advice you get may not work for the situation YOU find yourself in and it may or may not have worked for that person. Yes, life is that complicated.

Also, if you don’t want the advice, give a gracious thank you and keep it moving.

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