Spending Blues

For no reason I started to get anxious about buying all I can. Even if I don’t need the things I try to buy.

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But alas there is a reason.

It’s the Christmas season!

Since December rolled around I have thought of several things I could get – that I do not need – because the end of the year is approaching and everyone else is doing it – buying stuff I mean.

I look around and see people buying more, shops offering more and hearing the promise of more.

So I think I will hold off on buying things on a whim and only buy what I absolutely need; and that will last me too!

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But then again, that too can be hard when it seems that everyone around you is going on a mad buying spree.

Here in Jamaican a lot of people clean vigorously, decorate obsessively and buy wantonly in preparation for the holiday. I have heard of persons who have gone to a Courts Store to take out:

  1. Refrigerators
  2. Stoves
  3. Flat screen TV
  4. component sets
  5. Appliances

The works!

You name it they get it, not because they can afford it and sometimes not even with the intention of keeping it for long. But they do so because they want their house to look nice for the Christmas season.

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Afterwards they will deal with the “starvation period of January” – but they want to have a nice Christmas, so to Courts, Singer, or wherever else they go! This is even if, everything they bought will have to be paid for in the coming months with blood sweat and tears. Hey, they either return them, have them taken or suffer through the repayment period.

So before I spend what I have, I’ll be sure to think about whether I am doing it for a real reason or if I’m following the hype of the Christmas season!

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