Meekness And Weakness

A fool mistakes meekness for weakness and a quiet tongue for an idle mind.

Have seen and read a lot of articles that affirm that being meek does not mean weakness, but tell that to those who use it to their advantage to the detriment of that meek soul.

There are some who believe in meekness as being submissive and easily imposed on. They ignore the merits of a personality that is gentle or quiet. Most immediately think of a meek person being a door mat, not as a strong and confident person who is wise enough to know when to move and when to be still. Someone who uses humility as a way of supporting progress instead of strive. It is someone who has really gained the knowledge of true contentment, not phased by trends and popular opinion – not fake meekness.

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I know persons who have lived a long and what should have been fulfilling lives, yet they feel compelled to remind others that they are not their equal. Why you may ask? They are not her equal to her because they make lack the things they possess or may not have gone to the places they have been. While you have those who have more but never feel the need to make others feel small because of what they have been able to achieve while here on earth. Being being does not mean that you are perpetually poor or lacking, it’s a mindset that has nothing to do with what you have or think you lack.

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There are also those who try to be everything to everyone and think that they are being meek, humble and are pleasing the creator. However, I think it’s more important to know what you are capable of and living that truth; operate based on what you have been designed to do and don’t be a chameleon. Being one never works out for long, as one day you will be exposed; just be your imperfect self. Being humble also, does not mean “bowing down”, but it is an awareness to your own flaws and limitations.

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Ephesians 4: 15

When persons are meek, they do not keep quiet and accept whatever they are told. I have come to realize that that is someone who is weak in character and may have been damaged by a series of unfortunate events in their live. Instead, the meek will speak when it is necessary and will act when it is necessary to do so. They will fight injustice and speak in defense of those who cannot or will not and they will tell the truth because, for them, there is no other option. And if you think that such persons sound perfect; no, it is hard to do and that is why it should be seen as power under control ( Better a patient person than a warrior, one with self-control than one who takes a city: Proverbs 16:22 ). It is something for us to strive towards.

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