It’s In The Details

“Details matter, it’s worth waiting to get it right.”

― Steve Jobs

You may look at a proposal, a plan or an offer and think, ” wow what a great plan/offer!” Your mind is blown and you are ready to get started and then disaster strikes. You never took the time to think it through, never did the proper investigations, never asked the right questions. If you had, you would have realized that it made no sense.

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I remember when I was unemployed and I had student loan to repay and the payments were due. I was a bit desperate. How would I get a job to pay for the loan and feed myself? Then a seeming angel – but really a devil – appeared and offered the answer to my prayer. What ended up happening was that I lost money I could not afford to lose and spent an entire day waiting in a place I had no place being. That day was my lucky day, because I was so blinded by desperation that I could have ended up in a much worse situation. Looking back I thank God it was not worse, that I was only scammed and lived to tell the tale of my folly. I also learned a hard lesson: not everything is as it appears and not everyone means you well.

Sadly, it’s a lesson I have not fully learned and at this point I am getting really frustrated with my stubborn shortsightedness. However, I realize more the importance of asking questions when something doesn’t feel right or, sounds too good to be true. No one can make your dreams come true – they are not God nor do most help without self-gain. When you feel desperate that is the time you need to ask the tough questions and to whip out your magnifying glass, a microscope even, to see what lies beneath the surface. Because what’s beneath the surface might shock you into the reality of what you could be committing to. Let’s hope that we are not too desperate to accept the truth. But whether or not you take that leap, look how deep you may end up; then whatever happens after that is yours to own.

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