You Are Yourself…

“The snow goose need not bathe to make itself white. Neither need you do anything but be yourself.”

― Lao Tzu

For you before the onset of the Monday morning blues…

Wake up everyday and jump into your skin and don’t think about what the naysayers say. Feel the wind as it caresses your skin, breathe in and out and keep it moving. Unfold this way and that and never give in to the judgement passed on by others.

Love what you see when you look in the mirror and roar instead of purr, and never let anyone draw a picture of your life. The proof is in the pudding so make sure you’re doing the baking. When it’s time up, make sure it’s the time you set but also make sure to use your own clock and make your own calendar too!

The box is not it. You do not belong in a place you do not fit, create a space for your shape. The image projected is the one designed and you and your creator know the code to the patent. It’s a code that is iron clad.

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You want to do cartwheels? You want to bend down low? While you’re at it play sightings ( Jamaican game which involves the use of a juice box stuffed with paper that is thrown at the persons in the middle who have to avoid all throws. If you get hit, you’re out) and avoid the worries and fears of what people will think, say and do; just be you. If you find yourself boxed in then be the bull inna pen ( made a circle around a person (the bull) and they would try to escape in any way. It also taught us how to push towards our goals especially if it’s just people in the way ) and break free. Never get caught in a game of stuckie ( this game taught the importance of not allowing another person to touch you, else you’re stuck ); never let anyone touch your essence; they can try but they will never catch you. Run faster and make it to your home base.

Keep your head above the water of despair and keep doing the necessary gymnastics and when you’re tired remember:

They can’t keep a good man down
Always keep a smile when they want me to frown
Keep the vibes and I stood my grounds
They will never ever take my crown
Who Jah bless I say no man curse
Things gettin’ better when they thought it would be worst


It’s all in how you see the glass… or just move it completely and put what you have already seen so others can see it too. Sometimes it’s good to follow “yuh mind” and do what feels right. Even if no one else agrees because they can’t get a thing out of it. If the zone is making you dizzy, it was never a comfort, so get out of it. Make no excuses for your inability to stand your ground and for not steering yourself right where you need to be. Sweep aside the stuff that doesn’t matter and grab what does. There is no power in “I can’t” and “I wont” so toss them in the garbage; there is power in “I can” and “I will” so use them to fuel your journey.

You can never hear this too many times; your destiny lies in being yourself so forget about anyone else and just be.

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