Go with the Flow…

Have you ever prayed without ceasing for something you thought you truly wanted or to do something you thought was important and it just did not happen? Then without much thought or effort on your part some things seem to just fall into place. Sometimes we fail to follow our instinct and end up making a bad situation worse or wasting time on things that get us nowhere close to where we need to be.

You may question why this is so. Why does God answer some and not all that you pray for? There are some people who seem to do very little and gain big rewards. Others sit on the reserved bench and wonder why they seem to be struggling to keep their spot on that bench while some are always in the game. We may get so anxious about what we want to do and accomplish, a milestone that should have already been reached, that we false start and take ourselves out of a race that could have been pivotal in our journey.

It’s hard to know when we are on the right track and when we have made the right decisions. However, sometimes we just need to recognize when to let go and let God direct us. If we did this more then we would know when we are to go and when we should wait; without much effort everything will seem to be following a seamless path to the the things that truly matter.

Sometimes we struggle to get to a goal we have set for ourselves and later must come to terms with the fact that it was a goal set from the fear of rejection or the fear of being viewed as a failure. But when we do something that is aligned with God’s purpose for us then there is no struggle, there is no fear, just a deep sense of satisfaction in having done something right. An immeasurable gratitude when we get something more than we bargained for. It is necessary to go with the flow; the flow of the Holy Spirit. Don’t waste time battling to go somewhere you have no business being. Instead focus on the doors that are necessary and that you can unlock.

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