Jonah Foolery

Jonah Foolery

Imagine yuh give a man a job
set him up nice
him run
far way
get trap 
inna whale fi days
then yuh save
send him on him way
to do the job
then him complain
when it work
and the people
change them way.
God good bad
nuff a we 
would still a cane
Jonah in the whale.

Spring of Living Water

Sping of Living Water

The Spring of living water
tramples the dust,
makes it nothing.
That which was a cloud 
of doom,
doomed to be no more.
Heal me with water
that springs into a fountain
and floods the wasteland.
Shower me with the tears
of the storm, 
that revive the sould and give life.
When uncertainty rises over the horizon
to exact its revenge
then the water rushes through,
sweeps it out of view.

Spring forth,
and make all things new.