Talk About Sacrifice

Talk About Sacrifice

Let's talk about sacrifice...

would you give someone your meal
if you are hungry
but he is waiting on your leftovers?
Would you walk with someone
in the rain 
ten miles out of your way
because you have an umbrella
and they do not?
Would you give up your favourite thing
after waiting so long for it
because someone needed it more?
Would you comfort someone 
desperate for a soft touch
even though you have been hardened by life.
Could you be a source of light
though you do not shine the brightest 
and don't know how to do so in the slightest
even when you try.
Can you be that hope to someone 
whose hope has been held capture
though your own has been enslaved.
would you be a pelican,
spread your wings,
not onyl for your flight
but for that one with a broken wing?
Could you?
would you?
Can you ever make a sacrifice?

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Loves to tell and hear untold stories about people, places and experiences!

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