Waiting to be Chosen

Do you see her over there sitting still feet tapping away? He is waiting to be chosen. Do you see her on her knees bleeding, she has been in that same spot all her life trying to earn some love, seeking someone to pat her on the head and say, “well done.” She is well trained to wait, wait to be chosen. They struggle to get up but are weighed down by the voices of their critics and the mountain of self-doubt that has blocked their progress. They both will remain where they are if they never cast off the chain of subjugation and stop waiting for the grudging approval of those they love or loathe, those they fear or envy. The ball is in their court but they do not have the vision to see that it is.

They at some point will realise that being liked is not all that great, because it has meant they have been left empty by marauding figures fronting as their friends. You see they had never taken the time to just be by themselves and think things through. They had always felt out of breath from the seemingly constant need to catch up. But they never could, they never did. They never could! They were chasing something that never was. While they chase time they missed out on their present. They thought chasing would take them to their dreams but they forget to count the moments right in front of them. So while they cleared a space to put those they felt belonged they had pushed themselves out and they could not return, the space was now too crowded and no one would let them in, again.

Now they stand on the edge looking in, while all around them fertile soil go to waste because they never realised they could start again, wiser than they were yesterday. What they do instead, is work harder to get admitted again, but the danger is that they make it easier for more faults to be found and the entry requirements do get longer. The sad thing is that they wanted to shower all their love on those who are careless with this love but they never spare any time to really like themselves. SO they languish in the waiting room trying to earn that spot when all they had to do was to choose themselves instead of waiting to be chosen.

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