They Win. You Win!

Everyone wants to be number one. Is that a crime? No, but I am going out on a limb to say many of us likes to share that top podium. We may smile and congratulate them when they win in some regard, but how many can say there is not even a twinge of envy or disappointment missed in with that goodwill.

Having been a part of the rat race that is working (lol), I have come to realise how much more competitive adults are than children. In fact, I would again go as far as to say that adults are the real instigators of fierce competition among children. Many of us love to win, we love the attention it brings or the accolades and the recognition gained. So we always want to keep winning. No time for losers for we are the champions… No time for losers means that losers must be left in the dust because the winners have earned the right to be on top. But is this true?

Many persons who make it to the top of whatever they have been meaning to make it to the top of, are usually burdened by being there, are usually paranoid by being there and usually are unhappy. They spend so much effort and time trying to remain at the top that they make sacrifices of varying degrees that can leave a bitter taste for life. The unhappiness and discontent could stem from an inability to trust anyone because it seems everyone is out to replace you. It could be that once there it pales in comparison to what you expected or you feel no one genuine is there with you to celebrate and support you. After all, to get there you may have had to step on a few toes or heads!

So we come to the idea of winning with others. How about we think of ourselves all as winners? Where instead of fostering a spirit of fierce competitiveness that stems from a desire to stamp out the competition we help each other up? How about we consider the quote by Matshona Dhliwayo, You become strong by lifting others up, not pulling them down .

Be kind to yourself, but remember to show love and kindness to others great or small. We never know if the person’s whose hand we held to pull up may one day be the hand that pulls us up when we stumble.

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