Boomerang Effect

I know sometimes we feel justified about feeling a certain way or reacting a certain way to someone or certain persons, but I have learned through hard lessons the importance of being restraint in how we react to things. We may feel it is necessary to call out someone on something they have said or done but in the long run we may be setting ourselves up for failure, if we try to police others while leaving our own vulnerabilities exposed for lurking vultures to pick at.

Now, I am not saying that is wrong to voice your displeasure about something. Before we do so however, we have to understand the place from which we are speaking from. We also have to think, really think if the perceived issue is based on our own shortsightedness and biases rather than a real genuine concern that by voicing, will lead to a productive outcome. We may feel justified in the moment when we put someone on the spot for what we see as a wrong done to us or others, but are we being disingenuous? Is it about shaming that person into submissiveness based on our position or is it about having a healthy discussion about what we can do to make something better.

Sometimes the wisest course is to mind our own business, if something we see and find displeasure in harms no one but our egos. There is nothing wrong nowadays in following the adage of “live and let live”. Yes, we have our own agenda’s our own perspectives on things but we have to consider if sometimes when we try to correct someone we are not actually trying to foist our agenda on them, because their perspectives do not align with ours.

Life can be so tricky sometimes, because there are times when we feel we are in the right but end up in the doghouse. Often times it is how we choose to approach a matter by saying too much or by saying all the wrong things. Being on the defensive does not guarantee success, instead from what I have experienced and observed, it can lead you in a trap which you will find difficult or impossible to get out of.

So, we need to be more careful and think about if our words or actions, or both, can lead to a boomerang effect, where in trying to be righteous and put others in their place we do not end up being checkmated when all we wanted to do was make a point that should never have been sharpened.

Some belief in karma others belief in fate, lady luck, kismet you name it, but our actions have consequences and this we must remember. The same energy you give out will be directed back at you. Therefore it is better to begin from a place of love, understanding and healthy dose of compassion, instead of one grounded in self-righteousness that makes you the “weak might” that ends up never being in the right when all is said and done.

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