From the Edge of Doom.

From the Edge of Doom.

From the edge of doom I stand.
Flames lick and caress my face
I can taste its essence
As my face drips with its lingering scent.
Just one more step
into a black void of nothingness
welcoming me home.
To step over 
I must get by the jagged edge of my conscience
that rebels
reminding me of my commitments.
But how do I escape this pain
of loss?
I do not know
I cannot tell.
I look behind
I look ahead
also nothing.
But maybe this nothingness ahead
will give me rest.
Take away the pain,

"whether you go or stay it does not matter
it's all the same - "

I must shake it lose
this beast that tries to devour me
telling me to move forward
over the edge.
Maybe there is still hope
whatever that is.
Like Lot's wife I am rooted
but I have looked back - 
I cannot bend my knees
so I stand and pray - 
As the flames mesmerize and thrill
I consider embracing the madness.
Should I give in?

"Who must I kill to find redemption?"

No one comes,
no one answers.
So I stand -
until I am pulled over by the flames
or drawn away by saving grace.

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