Close your eyes
close it tightly.
a little tighter -
now dream.
Dream of the happiness you want more of.
Now dream.
Dream of the you you want to be
because it can be
not because you wished upon a star.
Now dream.
Dream about the things you have to do
things that need doing
things you were meant to be doing.
But these are not fantasies.
Not lost in another reality.
These are real buds
buds that just need to be pruned - 
watered with real tears
real blood.
They will grow and flourish 
but only because you made them so.

So dream
dream of peace, love and prosperity - 
not of this word but really real
fully ready to be plucked
really ready.

when the leaves have fallen
rotting all around.
When the musky scent of that refuse
assaults your sense
dream of a spring blooms a=with blossomed hope
Wait for it.
Wait for the lazy summer days.
Days when you can fully reap the harvest - 
pluck miracles out of your baskets.
Dream, wider than your reach and hold them
to your bosom.
Let those dreams flow everywhere
bringing you to life
keeping you alive
fueling your very soul.

never stop dreaming.
fight against the disease of dreamlessness.
a gangrene triumph that eats away slowly
 at the core of your essence. 

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Loves to tell and hear untold stories about people, places and experiences!

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