God is Good

May your struggles keep you near the cross
and may your troubles show that you need God
and may your battles end the way they should
And may your bad day prove that God is good...
                                                          (Jonathan McReynolds)

There was nothing really to complain about
Look, I just could,
so i did
because it felt 
I saw only myself
my vision
my dreams.
my my my 
Look at me am I not beautiful, smart and capable.
I can do anything.

Yes you are, yes you can...

The only thing was,,,
The only thing was this pain.
Yes this pain, not really pain just an annoying pinch.
This was bothering,
I could not order it around.
It stayed
lingered too long.

I could not fall,
I had done it after all,
all by myself,
it too shall fall on its knees to me!

Yes? Go on.

Are you mocking me?

No my child continue.

It's getting worse, taking over.
I cannot think,
I can do nothing right...

Now I cannot move.
I cannot laugh.
All I produce are salty rivers of my misery,
floodgates that never seem to close completely.

I look back at
But I cannot see how I came from her!
There is nothing I can do
I am helpless.
I am hopeless...

Now I can barely move,
I am doubled over,
brought low.

With each halting breath I breathe,
I now Know - perhaps too late...

What is that my child?

I now know that
God is good. 

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