My Story

My Story

My story is my own
nobody can write it.
Nobody can describe my heartaches
nor describe my gains
like I can.
Nobody can shed these here tears - 
cold as ice as they flow
warm and freeing when they disappear.
My life is my legacy
not house, car or land.
Not the children I will raise - 
they will have their own story.

My story cannot be bought or sold,
not determined by your need to create and fix.
When I tell my story
you will not know
      where it ends or

You will not know how to order it.

Not even I can tell you for sure
all of it 
because words will not be enough
to do the telling.

My story involves countless shades of colourful greys, 
sprinkled with moments of silver
all distinct all blended together.
It's not seamless.
There are moth eaten places.
Holes that can never be tacked together.
There are frayed section
They are mini artworks
not brokenness.

My story is my own;
no one else can take it
and tell it.

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Loves to tell and hear untold stories about people, places and experiences!

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