Worship No Man.

thread-like and bare I whisper...

If only I could be like you.
Be one of the guys.
who could get things done.
Important things.
I Wouldn't have to tie my own shoe.

If only I could be like this.
Get people to sit.
Stand at attention.
Be larger than Life.
Life wouldn't be a hit or miss.

If only I could be great.
Have all the power.
Take full control.
Be the leader of the pack.
I wouldn't have to give and take.

And Yet -

Wishing to be like you drains me too.
Consumes my energy.
The energy that I need to be alive.
It makes my world shrink.
So all I do is think -
Is being like you about to mess up my mood?

I need
stop and check this out.
Get back my tears, joy and pain that were my sacrifice to you.
I need
stop and check this out.
All my time that added to your years.
I need
stop and check this out.
I still have enough energy to focus on myself
my God!
Was it all a lie?
By making gods of men
did I comprise

Wait -
stop a while...
Let me remove the wool from my eyes.
So when I stare at the reflection
I see me and not
the magic trick
of those counterfeit gods.
Those who rely on me and my energy to sustain their rule.
No more talk of idols
no need to be like any of you.

Let me get back to the me I was made to be.

Let me recollect self, soul and energy.

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