Are You Making The Best Stuff Ever?

Just because you do the most doesn’t mean you’re doing your best work.

Just because you give a lot doesn’t mean it’s doing a lot.

Just because you have the most doesn’t mean you’ll give the best things.

Just because you are the best doesn’t mean you do the best.

Just because you have the most doesn’t mean you deserve the most.

Just because you love the most doesn’t mean you love the things you claim to love.

Just Because you can tell a story doesn’t mean you should tell the story.

Just because you have a key, doesn’t mean you are welcome.

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Just because you have eyes doesn’t mean you should see it.

Just because you have a voice doesn’t mean you have the right to say it.

Just because you have the diamonds doesn’t mean you know a person’s worth.

Just because you are creative and brilliant doesn’t mean you are the only one.

Just because you did something doesn’t mean you did your best.

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

The world seems to appreciate people who do the most, the fastest. Those who seem to be on the fast track and decry those who seem to be moving at a snail’s pace. I have come to love the idea of going slower, of finding success in little things and taking my time to do things right. I do not believe you have to be the first, in order to get it right, the loudest to be heard or work the hardest in order to get the job done. Instead in whatever we do when we do it, what should be important is if we have done it the best we can by taking the time to do it properly.

No one reaches their full potential by themselves, words that make me pause. No matter how much you try to do alone, you’ll never make it on your own. And it matters how you treat the people who help you to get to where you eventually reach. If you can’t stand and say, ” this person helped me” or if you can’t remember, you are lying. That person who helped you without you knowing is one of the realest person who will ever help you. There wasn’t a friendship to keep alive, networking to keep them on your radar, no future favor to collect on, no recognition that they craved; Just the desire to support you silently.

Are you really making the best stuff ever, when no one benefits but you, from what you have created and can do?

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