Wen Mi Win di Lotto

Now this is a departure to a lighter side of a serious matter. There is a very good message here, so stick around a bit. Now I can remember one of the rituals that my grandmother performed; every Wednesday and Saturday was to purchase a lotto ticket. If yuh don’t have a ticket, yuh don’t have a chance! In every area of her life my grandmother was a very practical and responsible woman. She made sure she kept me and my grandfather in line. This was the only area that I questioned her sanity because she was faithful without gain. She NEVER won.

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I thought of all the sweeties or chocolate or ice-cream, cakes – a mean any food you could think of – that that money could buy! On both days after the broadcast of the lotto program – immediately after – she would be somewhat despondent, and I thought, “yes she not going to waste her money on no more lotto ticket”. But alas, even though she complained and grumbled that she “just a waste her money”, she would still fork it out to buy more. If yuh don’t have a ticket yuh don’t have a chance!

Her chance never came. She never won the millions that tempted so many to “tek a chance”. But I knew that my grandmother had good intentions. She wanted that money not to be rich -like many do – but to help everyone she could. I fear if she had won, most of it would have gone to family and friends who needed it and she would be again checking her ticket (s), Wednesdays and Saturdays to “tek her chance”. I came to believe, as I got older, that for her, it was more something to look forward to than something she actually thought she could win.

I was thinking recently that many of us have measured success at one point or another, or still do, by how much money someone has; and for many it’s how much money and stuff they have. It’s how they can use that money and those possessions to assert their power over the poor souls who just did not have the guts or fortune to make it big. Money is necessary in the world we live in, but it should never be our masters. We should never use it as the measuring stick of someone’s worth. It’s good to have money but it’s never good to make it your whole world.

But seriously if you won the lotto, what would you do..?

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