Doing Something Meaningful Sucks!

I use to think I had a little wisdom. Now I know I have less than a little. It seems I have reached this fork in the road on the brink of a new month, October. I wonder if this is somehow significant? I have prayed for increased wisdom and the answer Seemingly is that I have a ways to go. Okay then, glad I learned this before I tried to use my non-existent wisdom.

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And so here we are in 2019!

It’s so easy I now realize to make grand claims of what you would, have done, could have done, are doing and will do – especially the claim of will do. I am sure that as children we all had grand dreams, but as adults they have faded into dust. We have a vision of how we want to be seen now and what we want others to say about us later. However, making that a reality takes so mush effort and time! We may have had to reevaluate our dreams and aspirations and the date by which we have to accomplish them but if we stick with our vision, it will all happen. Nothing comes to you when you want it to. To realize any dream you have, no matter how practical and “attainable”, takes great effort and yes sacrifice. In the middle of trying to put together your portfolio, you realize that you have to dump the folder and start all over! Arrg!

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You may decide to begin in the square you just came out of, or you may decide to work outside preexisting boundaries. In this drive to eke out something meaningful, you may have to put aside prior beliefs and friends. To shut the door on tempting offers and deny yourself what you always thought you wanted. Essentially the plan Bs and Cs may have to be converted into a, “let’s see where the wind blows”, kind of non-plan. We may have to sprout vague philosophies to make others think they can make sense of our bluffs and evasions about when that plan will finally manifest.

Seriously, doing something you find meaningful can be very tedious and frightening, especially when you cannot see the end result. All you can do is continue to work hard, yield when you must and advance at the right time. The process may be messy but the results can be so sublime – or so I have been led to believe!

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