Hush! You Talk Too Much.

And He got up and rebuked the wind and said to the sea, “Hush, be still.” And the wind died down and it became perfectly calm.

Mark 4:39

Have you ever noticed how loud some people are? For every topic they have something to say for every event they have something to do; they are never still, they are never quiet. Or, have you been in your house and heard the conversation your neighbor was having on the phone? It’s annoying because you really do not want to hear them. But for some, the notion of being still is a life long battle. For these persons silence is the enemy and they try to defeat it by keeping nonstop stream of consciousness conversations with persons whether or not their audience wants to hear. Some use noise as a way of keeping loneliness at bay and silence the turmoil within. But sometimes when we make too much noise we end up saying things that we later regret. Because in doing too much we end up doing nothing at all. At least nothing that will bring good results.

Every island to a child is a treasure island

P.D. James, The Lighthouse

At an early age one of my greatest wish was to live on an island by myself; with no one else.When I shared this many were incredulous. “that’s selfish”, “you’ll get lonely”; while all that is true they never asked the important question: why. Why did I feel this way? So I revised it to wanting to be a nun. Again that ended up being an even worse choice. But again why? By that age I had learned enough to know that people can hurt each other badly. I had been hurt enough to know that I did not want to repeat the experience. People I loved had already disappointed me over and over.By the time I had taken it into my head that I wanted to live on an island I was fed up with it all. But I was only 11! So since I could not find my own Island and the nunnery thing was a no go, I decided that creating my own fantasy world would be the next bet. But again, people would not let me be and I was forcefully and unceremoniously brought back to reality many times.

Never tell your problems to anyone…20% don’t care and the other 80% are glad you have them

Lou Holtz

Silence then has become my greatest shield from the unpleasantness of life in general and people specifically. When people are unsure of you, they are more careful about how they treat you and what they say to you. You avoid unpleasant confrontations by not reacting, and some people are flabbergasted by this move. When you are quiet you have time to think. You think about what people say and how they say it to you and then to others. You think about when people approach you, why, where and how. You begin to notice little things that are really big things, because you are neither speaking nor moving. You will understand a little bit more about why you are the way you are, where you are and how you can get out of those bad situations you placed yourself in. Silence has taught me that you can be around persons most of your life and if they had to, they would give the wrong eulogy at your funeral, because they never really knew you and they never really wanted to do so any way.

Silence Has A Sound….

― Muhammad Imran Hasan

The best thing about silence I have found, is that while prolonged silence can be an uncomfortable experience, it can also yield the best results. Through silence you can have many “aha” moments, discover how to truly be efficient because you have clarity gained through real and deep introspection. And we come to accept that reality is a much safer place to be; that we can see clearer without tinted lenses.

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