c’est ce que c’est

You’re 100% responsible for your life. Stop whining and do something about it

–Mathieu Fortin

Today is Monday and psychologically we have been conditioned to view this as the potential for a brand new start. All the mistakes and missed deadlines have been wiped clean and we can start with a clean slate…

But feeling enthusiastic about once again facing mounting paperwork and the missed deadlines in reality, makes no one happy or even motivated. And therefore, in reality, many persons begin from the night before to prepare themselves mentally for all they left behind Friday. You have some who begin to wonder why they are in this particular job, and pray to God to miraculous free them from this burden. Upon awakening Monday morning, these same persons drag themselves out of bed to begin getting ready for the day. For a few, the bacchanal of the weekend is reduced to the gray and gloomy reality of work.

On the opposite scale there are the enthusiastic ones, ready and rearing to start the week. They have already decided what they will accomplish for the week and are highly motivated to get things started – who knows if by Tuesday they would have crashed and burned or soared beyond the sky. They arrive a little too early and are a little too chirpy with their “good morning!” They move a little too quickly and just make the reluctant and disoriented look bad. But what can we do? Their enthusiasm sometimes is enough to change a mood and provide some much needed motivation.

And so the work week begins, despite the kaleidoscope of emotions, we all troop out, committed to surviving the day; knowing that as the week progresses, it will all get better. And as we go we also say with some amount of relish and defiance: Why complain, it is what it is!

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