When You Look Back…

We are often told that we cannot forget our past, or that we have to learn from the past in order to make better choices in our present and even for the future. However, I often find myself looking at the worst of my past and being crippled by them. The memories of those embarrassing moments, those terrible decisions and those life-altering actions haunt me constantly. So that when I begin to firmly walk in faith and have uncompromised hope, the shadows of that nefarious past come calling me to once again be its slave.

Somehow I have developed this bad habit of self-denial out of the guilt of the past. What invariably happens is that I am never closer to my goal, never closer to really walking in my purpose because I then have to cross another treacherous river I thought I had left just up the road.

Now I have to guard my sanity by deciding what to do when I look back, for how I have interacted with my past so far, leaves my more there than here. Now, I have to learn how to make peace with my past, so that it does not always threaten my current wellbeing. I have to consider the lessons from my past that will helpme now and forget the “only” or “What ifs”. Finally, I have to accept, embrace and plan in that order my past, present and future. I advice that has shed light on my contencious relationship with my past, was to set goals and go hard. I realise I have always been good at setting goals but never pushing to achieve them. Why? Becuase somehow along the way I convinced myself that my past condemns me and so while I could have done it, I may not deserve it.

A terrible thought that will surely cripple persons’ potentials and kill their dreams. So, we need to be careful when we look back and what we take back into our present and future. Don’t allow your past to cripple, maim or make you lame, use the past to help you conquer your present and future situations.