Revolution (I’m Willing to Fight)

Revolution (I'm Willing to Fight)

All the way up
I' willing to fight.
Who knows what's right
When it's your very life
at the stakes.
Death seems a shadow
vanguisehd by the light
that suddeny
bursts inside your head.

Fear is dead
in the fight to thrive
in a system that seeks
to lock you in
The enemy is within
your own camp.

Must I draw my weapon
show you my mettle to tear
you down?
After all, you don't care.

Writer’s Block

In life there are times when writer’s block strikes. So you have decided to turn a new page which will be a new chapter. It is a lot like how many saw 2020, a new chapter. After all 2019 had signalled the end of a decade and a new one was about to begin. There were many #vision, #travel, #goals, #2020 goals. Based on those, it was clear that for some 2020 would be the best year ever!

Then life threw a really massive curveball and cut the wind out of many person’s sail.

No longer was the focus on starting that thing that would lead to much needed change, taking risks and achieving that one goal that had eluded you so far. The focus for many, who never had to worry about it before, was just making it through 2020 alive.

The chapter we were about to write was now under threat and under the severe pressure of the stress that this pandemic has brought, you have developed writer’s block. Those who had a vague plan to begin with. whose creative juices came in unexpected spurts, this has meant as of now in May the page is still blank. Now instead of thinking about what you want to write in your book, you are look back at 2019 and have decided that after all it wasn’t so bad. You star at the blank page and think of how impossibly hard it will to write and you begin to sweat profusely when you attempt to put pen to paper. No longer are your creative juices flowing, instead the lava of fear that eats away at any resolve you had to do a 180 in your life and live your best life ever!

Stuck between a rock and a hard place many become mentally paralysed that instead of looking ahead they keep looking behind, for the past to save them and keep them warm when the cold daggers of reality threaten to spill blood. Writing that chapter becomes an insurmountable task as instead of wondering how to begin you question the practicality of continuing. You stand in the middle of the darkness and attempt to write on a page smothered in tears of despair. Will the book be compromised, will your story ever reach a high point or is it destined to remain in stagnation, started but never completed.

You will never move on, never complete that chapter because all of your sorrows and doubts are trapped in your head and leaves no space for you to extract colour from the grey matter. The focus on what has not worked will lead to a decline in conviction to try something else, to see this change like any other change; it is something that will allow you to stress the limits of your own understanding of yourself to find that masterpiece that only you can produce. Your paralysis can only be accommodated if you allow yourself to remain numb to the possibility of reworking what the beginning of this new chapter should look like. It ends when we can accept that remaining in the throes of your writer’s block can lead to missed opportunities for growth and exponential growth. It is not that you have the condition but that you have decided to remain in the safety of the known and not progress to the unknown. It may be scary but the possible reward of encountering unimagined side roads and lanes of new discovery, is worth the risk. Forget the fear and just write your way into a new season