The Deferred Dream…

The Deferred Dream...

What happens to a dream deferred?

I am wasting here
in no man's land...

I have reached out for you 
grabbed at your garment

but collect only dirt...

I have tried to entice you
tempt you out of your trap

but you turn to it for comfort...

I have tried to lift you
spirit you away

but too weak I sag...

your burdens are too heavy for me...

Before you are consumed 
by what you lack grab me!

Your madness 
may explode!

Must I remain here?
Must I become dust too?
Must I watch as you struggle blindly -
watch you choke on your own bile
of regret?

Must I too die
in a ditch forgotten?

Must we both suffer because you lack divining?

Removing the Trash

Dreams still matter and dreams are still important. As many persons get older, moving from childhood to adulthood they stop dreaming. They believe the saying, “dreams are for losers” and begin to do and not dream. But a dream is a cherished aspiration, one that needs to be protected, nurtured and cared for in order to become activated. When we doubt our dreams and declare ourselves unworthy of them, we lose them and find it hard to recover them.

The trash we need to remove are the doubts in our ability and worthiness of having those dreams. When the world seems against our dreams we may start believing that they will never happen. We start becoming a part of the herd and walk right off a cliff. We begin to tell ourselves that we are too ambitious, too desperate or just not good enough to have those things or that thing we have dreamt about. That thing that got us up each morning ready to put with anything, because we knew one day our dream would be realized and then it would all be worth it. We start believing that “dreams are for those who sleep”. But we cannot listen to those fears, naysayers and doubters, especially when they are within.

We have to keep doing, even in the face of zero results. We have to keep chipping away at the rock until we see signs of the promise to be fulfilment, signs that eventual yield a trickle, a spout and then an outpouring. We have to take care of that dream, removing all the pollution, the trash that can stifle and kill it. We have to continue to be imperfect dreamers.