Don’t Wait

Right now is not so great for me. There are s many unforeseen events and issues that can derail my journey. It’s not so great for so many. Sometimes all I want to do is hide somewhere until everything going wrong passes and the good times come back into season. However, I recently found this quote that I felt was timely:

we are not here to wait for the storm to pass but to learn to dance in the rain.

We can’t stop now, we can’t wait for things to be better and that is the mistake many have made in the past. Many persons wait for things to get back to normal, the way they use to be. They never will. What we have to do is look at what is happening now, where we are and figure out how to move forward despite all the things that could hold us back.

We certainly cannot look to another person to make things better for us but we have to learn how to make things work for us in this season. Instead of sitting back and waiting for something to happening, we can do things that will enrich our lives in this season. We do not need “good news” the good news is already within us, we just need to believe that it is there and that we can harness it and use it in a way that can be beneficial to us and others.

Don’t wait for the storm to pass to start living, making plans or being happy. Do things that make you happy, live a life that brings you joy and make plans and do your best to see them come to fruition. Now is the time to be brave and make the most of what you have to work with.